1. Yes.

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  2. Oh, Portland. #pdx #silly


  3. hallwayskirsten:

    Last night I attended the SCBWI’s ‘Putting Your Best Portfolio Forward’ event. Having represented illustrators and shopped portfolios for the past four years, I know a fair amount about what makes the “perfect portfolio.” But the roster of agents on the panel (Brooks Sherman of The Bent Agency;…

    Great advice here on what to include in your #kidlit portfolio. I need to print this out and tape it to my monitor.

  4. The Rogue Doodler turned 4 today!  Yay!

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  5. rookiemag:

    Sunday Video: How to Do a Rainbow Kick With St. Vincent

    Annie Clark teaches you some sweet soccer moves.

    I love everything about this lady.

  6. roadiethecat:


    I hate winter, but this is adorable.

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  7. Slightly inappropriate Christmas card #2 (for my sister). The inside of the card says “Yay for Jesus!”

  8. Inappropriate Christmas card 1 (for my brother)

  9. Fancy cat is ready for some Fancy Feast. #cat #fancy

  10. Catmas doodle. #cat #santa #christmas

  11. My “Mr. Tea” piece is framed and ready to head to Philly!

  12. Came across this poster while searching for photo reference. It is all kinds of amazing.