1. book-of-hosea:

    My boss is a real hard-ass!

    Please read my comic because I am now unemployed (according to this comic)

    This is my favorite non-profanity-laced Book of Hosea comic so far.

  2. Concept Art by Mary Blair

    Mary Blair 4eva

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  3. dynamoe:

    Cat day?


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  4. stuffman:


    People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

    Helpful reminder to creators everywhere.

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  5. OR SCBWI: Art Directors, Agents, and Editors, Oh My!


    Like many (if not all) of my peers at Ooligan Press, I want to be a published author. The program provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the publishing industry, but most of us who want to write professionally need to supplement our Ooligan education with critique groups, professional development training, and conferences. My interest…Read more

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    I wrote this piece. Read it if you want. :)

  6. For all of my ooliganpress friends.

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  7. undergradhist:

    Professorial Coping Strategy #1: Grading Bingo

    Good list of things to discuss when talking to my mentees about writing.

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  8. One day I will own all of the Kate Beaton shirts and my life will be complete.

  9. Yes.

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  10. Oh, Portland. #pdx #silly


  11. hallwayskirsten:

    Last night I attended the SCBWI’s ‘Putting Your Best Portfolio Forward’ event. Having represented illustrators and shopped portfolios for the past four years, I know a fair amount about what makes the “perfect portfolio.” But the roster of agents on the panel (Brooks Sherman of The Bent Agency;…

    Great advice here on what to include in your #kidlit portfolio. I need to print this out and tape it to my monitor.

  12. The Rogue Doodler turned 4 today!  Yay!

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